Scotch is a leader in environmentally conscious cleaning – offering perchloroethylene- free cleaning. Scotch has switched to the most modern and environmentally conscious dry cleaning equipment made in the world and now uses a cleaning agent called DF2000.

For more information about this switch see the FAQ section of this website.


Scotch offers alteration services for waistbands, skirt or pant lengths, zippers, and minor repairs.

Drapery Cleaning

Using the Adjust-A-Drape system Scotch can deliver even hemlines on all your pleated drapes.

Dry Cleaning

Scotch is a Certified Garment Care Professional. We use a line of cleaning agents and fabric sizings available only to those cleaners who meet rigid quality control standards. There’s no better way to dry clean your clothes.

Shirt Laundry

Nothing looks better than a well-pressed shirt. Starched the way you like it or no starch at all. Scotch offers free button replacement when one goes missing.

Button Replacement

Missing a button? Let our staff know and we will replace it free of charge from our inventory of buttons.

Drive-Thru Locations

Many of our Scotch locations have drive-through windows that allow you to drop off or pick up your cleaning from the convenience of your car.

Hanger Recycling

As part of Scotch’s commitment to environmentally friendly cleaning services we encourage our customers to return their hangers. Hangers can be dropped off at any Scotch location.

Wedding Dress Preservation

Keep your special dress looking great for years to come by letting Scotch clean and preserve it in our special acid-free keepsake box.

Down Cleaning

Whether you have a warm down coat or a cozy down comforter, we can clean and fluff your piece so it looks and feels like new.

Drop-N-Go Bags

For a small fee you can purchase a Drop-N-Go bag to simplify your visits. The bag, with shoulder strap, has an attached tag with your personal information, as well as special requests. No need to wait. Simply drop off your bag and go.

Leather Cleaning

Leather and suede garments require a special cleaning process; Scotch offers this service to care for these special garments.